TomTom Maps Europe 2 GB 910.4895 
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TomTom Maps Europe 2GB 910.4895

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Now you can travel from door-to-door with your TomTom Maps in Europe as well! Tomtom Maps now take you to your destination in 18 countries! Navigate to any address within a country using detailed regional maps, or use the larger maps to navigate across borders to any town or major road using the major road network.

- A simple intuitive interface, the management is optimized to use the program without the stylus, especially handy for driving.
- The magnificent system of voice prompts allows the driver to concentrate on the road.
- Two types of routing classical mode 2D, and the newfangled 3D.
- A few different color schemes, with day and night operation.
- A simple routing, it is enough to indicate the end point the way to the opportunity to take advantage of built-PDA address book, great opportunities pereprokladki route.
- A huge database of POI (important points), magnificently structured, which allows use as a reference.

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